OJUA Annual Meeting

This year’s Annual Meeting at Eagle Crest Resort in Redmond, Oregon was a great success with record-breaking attendance numbers! 2018’s Annual Meeting Program can be found here. If you’re hoping to see something in particular at 2019’s Annual Meeting, be sure to give your suggestions by email or phone (503-378-0595).

Thank you 2018 Speakers! Below are presentations that have been released by the Annual Meeting presenters:

RF Exposures, Occupational Safety & Potential Health Effects – Andrew Thatcher, RF Expert

Smart City Panel Presentation
– Tom McGowan, Itron
– Andy Macklin, PGE
– Joel Fisher, Verizon Wireless
– Pam Berrian, City of Eugene

Small Cell Deep-Dive
– Jaime Breckenridge, EWEB
– Wayne Wooten, AT&T

Joint Corrections – Tom Jorgenson, CenturyLink

Joint Inspections – Tom Jorgenson