The Oregon Joint Use Association was involved with a workshop held on July 18, 2013 at the Oregon PUC Office.  Attached is the OJUA presentation presented to the PUC & workshop attendees. 

OJUA PRESENTATION July 2013 – PowerPoint Version



OPUC – 5 year check in


Reference Card – to download click here.

2009 Standards Manual - (Be patient – very large file!)

To submit NESC violation pictures


Request for Assistance

The Oregon Joint Use Association, through its Standards Committee, is involved in two projects to assist pole owners and users throughout Oregon in coordinating inspection efforts, saving time and money, and expediting communication.  Your assistance in furthering these projects is greatly appreciated.
Tagging Procedures Because companies employ a variety of methods for tagging their facilities, it is sometimes difficult for workers to interpret tags belonging to another company.  The OJUA would like to publish schematics of pole tagging methodologies for individual companies on the OJUA web site for easy reference.  To that end, please take a moment to respond to the following:
  1. Do you tag all your poles?  (if not, explain)
  2. What do your tags look like? (color, size)
  3. What is the logic system used for your tags (township & range, lead, closest physical address, etc.)
  4. Do you place your tags on poles that you do not own? If you are currently altering your tagging system, please explain.

Mapping  OJUA is also in the process of updating its utility maps which are posted in the “Members Only” section of its web site at www.ojua.org.

The purpose of these maps is to assist companies in identifying and contacting other companies within their service areas in an effort to promote joint inspection projects, thereby reducing inspection costs  through shared efforts and avoidance of duplication.  Please review your area maps and report any changes relating to companies that may have been omitted, companies that are no longer in business, changes in company names, boundary errors, etc.

Please send responses to both of the above questions by replying to this email or by forwarding your responses to gro.aujonull@ofni.

OJUA Pole Tagging Program

OJUA recommends implementing a pole tagging program to accurately identify pole owners and  licensees.Suggested installation practices have been developed by the OJUA Standards Committee: Pole Tagging Installation PracticeOJUA has negotiated a reduced rate for tagging supplies: Pole Tag Supply Order Form

History of the OJUA

In November 1999 a task force was established by the Oregon Legislature to advise the Oregon Public Utility  Commission at the direction of the Oregon Legislature to address issues pertaining to utility poles. The task force submitted proposed rules for determining appropriate sanctions for unauthorized attachments and criteria for certifying compliance with laws regulating pole attachments. The Oregon Joint Use Association (OJUA) was formed based on the initial work from the task force and the realization of what else needed to be accomplished to help the entire industry be successful.

Our Mission

Become a resource that builds trust, cooperation and organization between support structure (pole) owners, users and government entities that will result in a safe efficient use of the Right of Way and a self-sustaining nonprofit association.

Our Future

Be a fully self-sustaining association that educates, establishes partnerships and is the source of information and communication regarding the Joint Use Industry.


  • Publicity & Education
  • Standards Development
  • Legislative & Regulatory Review
  • Conflict Resolution


  • Participate in shaping the future
  • Educational Opportunities
  • Cost Saving Opportunities
  • Access to latest Industry

Oregon Joint Use Association (OJUA)

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